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It’s time to put your knowledge to trade the sports legends by investing in their performance…

It’s Time to trade your favorite legends real time

Isports Trader is a platform for you to trade your celebrity sport players live in their performance over the course of match. It’s all about you to trade with your sports knowledge according to their performances.

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A single platform to Invest your knowledge of sports & make it to profits.

Choose tournaments, Player Performance, & trade making a beginning. Select your players & invest in to their performance.

Top Players to Trade

 Team: # Paris Saint-Germain

Team: # Paris Saint-Germain

Jersey : 7

Position : Striker

 Team : #Paris Saint-Germain

Team : #Paris Saint-Germain

Jersey : 10

Position : Left Wing

Team:  Real Madrid

Team: Real Madrid

Jersey : 10

Position : Centre Midfielder

Team:  Paris Saint-Germain

Team: Paris Saint-Germain

Jersey : 30

Position : Right winger

 Team : Liverpool

Team : Liverpool

Jersey : 11

Position : Right Wing

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