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Introducing Isports trader, the first dynamic trading exchange where you can trader your favorite players or sports with the help of technical evaluators. Elevate your sports trading experience with us. Isports trader, being the undisputed no 1 sports trading company offering trades on the widest range of sporting events in the gaming industry.

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We are a communicative team of traders that guides you with trading analysts to support you with speculation based on your investments. We offer multiple alternatives to start your investments with. By paying attention to the live updates and support that would be provided as an additional knowledge you will be able to get through a convenient form of technology. Our company profile strongly emphasizes on how imperative it is to work with experts who will be providing you with educational support at your conveniences for you to be able to trade straightforwardly. 


Isports Trader (IST) is a revolutionary brokerage allowing anyone to trade exciting new alternative asset CFDs, based on real people, alongside traditional trading products such as FX, commodities, equities and cryptocurrencies.

IST assets track the performance of sports stars and the success of celebrities and business people. Highly sophisticated systems, which have taken years to develop, constantly evaluate and benchmark individuals creating real-time, liquid, and tradable indices which are recognized financial products. These can be for your favorite’s footballer, cricketer or in the future even Tik Tok superstars.

The Isports Trader team wanted to create an alternative to ‘win or lose’ bets. With an AST player index, you can buy, sell or hold your favorites sports person. They may not have a good match but because you don’t lose if the first result goes against you, you can wait and benefit from them having a good tournament or season. Alternatively, you may decide the person is at the end of their career and short them and gain from a drop in their value. Isports Trader indices allow you to turn your knowledge of sports and people into an investment. This can sit alongside other investments and offers a way of balancing risk across different asset classes.

IST alt-assets are the first new CFDs for over ten-years, providing new trading products for a new generation of traders.

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We provide customer support through out your trading making way to your success. You can use all documentaries for you to develop you education

Artificial Intelligence,
Deep Learning and Mathematics

Technolgy backend  one of the most iconic venture capitalists in the world. Experienced team & well developed platform to trade with MT5 service

How It Works?

This market is run by a global network, and there are varieties of different ways trading could be done, but they all work the same way but simultaneously. Sports exchanges work the same way as any other financial related markets, traders from around the globe use this exchange to play bets with each other. Most important and basic method to start trading with us is by signing up. Secondly, our platform will provide you with the services shared and it’s possibly an easiest and fastest method to earn while other players join. Towards the latter part of your project one must be able to refer the specific client and get the payment done while having their income to be checked on the necessary dashboard.

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